Protect your deck from the elements.
Superior UV resistance.
An environmentally friendly product.
Excellent defense against mildew.
The healthy way to treat wood.

WOODRx® A Solution at Last

The WOODRx Family of Products

  • Wood Sealers & Stains
  • Concrete Sealers & Stains
  • Natural Paint Stripper
  • Resurface Wood & Concrete
  • Resurface Bath Tubs, Ceramic Tile, Countertops & Cabinets

Easy to Use, Environmentally Friendly

WOODRx offers easy maintenance and application. Finally, a wood sealer that can be applied with a pump sprayer. There is no stripping necessary. You can use soap and water to clean-up. WOODRx lasts 3-5 times longer than traditional sealers and is durable in all climates. It's fast, easy, no mess, and best of all environmentally friendly.

WOODRx provides complete UV resistance, mildew resistance, and permanent water repellency. It can be applied over wet or dry wood. Learn more about the advantages of WOODRx wood sealer, the differences between WOODRx and traditional sealers, and why WOODRx is unique.

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WOODRx is the only prescription for keeping the wood in your life protected, healthy and beautiful for years!