Why WOODRx Ultra Natural is Unique

WoodRx Ultra:

1) Employs technology that no other competitor is using.

2) Does not use waxes for water beading which results in permanent water repellency.

3) Is not a water reducible alkyd, alkyd/acrylic or plain acrylic all of which exhibit severe issues. WOOD Rx ultra is a unique silicone/acrylic blend that will never peel or never require stripping.

4) Utilizes color pack technology reducing inventory requirements.

5) Is the only transparent, water based wood sealer of it’s kind that may be applied successfully with a pump sprayer. Ultra has a VOC of less than 50 grams per liter.

6) Produces a sheer, transparent appearance for a natural looking finish while simultaneously yielding long term durability.

7) May be applied in any climate, to damp or dry wood and in temperatures just above freezing.

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WOODRx is the only prescription for keeping the wood in your life protected, healthy and beautiful for years!