Difference Between WOODRx Ultra and Traditional Sealers

WOODRx Ultra:

  • Completely UV Resistant
  • Wet or Dry Application
  • Provides Flexibility and Adhesion,
    Expands and Contracts With the Wood
  • Excellent Mildew Resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Excellent Performance in All Climates
  • Permanent Water Repellency
  • For Use on all Types of Wood
  • Does Not Leave Lap Marks
  • Easy to Recoat - Never Have to Strip
  • Lasts 3-5 Years

Traditional Sealers:

  • Deterioration Begins With the Exposure to Sunlight
  • Wood Needs to Be Dry Before Application
  • Become Hard & Brittle Over Time
    Leads to Cracking, Peeling & Flaking
  • Promote Mildew Growth
  • Oil Formulations are Not Sensitive to the Environment
  • Exhibit Poor Performance in Sunny, Warm Climates
  • Waxes Create Water Beading and Do Not Last When Exposed to Elements
  • Different Sealers for Different Wood Types
  • Prone to Lapping
  • Stripping is Often Required Prior to Recoating
  • Lasts 3-12 Months

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WOODRx is the only prescription for keeping the wood in your life protected, healthy and beautiful for years!