15 Advantages of WOODRx Wood Sealer

1)   Environmentally Friendly

2)   Wet or Dry Wood Application (Formula Dependent)

3)   Easy to Apply & Maintain

4)   Pump Spray Application 

5)   Warranty Against Graying

6)   Guaranteed to Outperform Any Other Wood Sealer

7)   Superior Mildew Resistance

8)   Superior UV Resistance

9)   Resists Moisture and  Water Penetration

10) Resists Chipping, Peeling & Flaking

11) Does Not Leave Lap Marks

12) Lasts 3-5 Times Longer Than Traditional Sealers

13) Durable in All Climates

14) Soap & Water Clean Up

15) Color Pack Technology

16) Great For All Exterior Wood
Deck sealer, dock sealer, wood siding stain, specialty hardwood sealer, pressure treated lumber sealer, wood furniture stain, playhouse sealer, log home sealer, wood fence sealer, and cedar shakes stain. 

17) Does Not Raise Wood Grain 

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WOODRx is the only prescription for keeping the wood in your life protected, healthy and beautiful for years!